Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hump Day

We're never bored on Wednesdays. In the company of some wonderful moms and their babies, Wednesday is a day we look forward to.

But in reflection on what has been a great 9 months of sharing and caring, its interesting to step back and see how we have evolved as a group.

At first, babies immobile, they would lie around, eat and we would scream in delight for the occasional roll or smile. Plenty of time to catch up on their most recent developments, our postpartum weight loss & fatigue and to get our minds back in (somewhat) top form post pregnancy mush brain.

Well, in the two moments that I had to myself at today's play group, I realized how times have changed. With movers and shakers from left to right and a prompt high chair war at noon, we moms barely have a moment to ourselves anymore. With feeding duties, attempts at lessons in sharing and a new position as referee running interference for a slew of offenses (pulling hair, sitting on top of each other, the occasional kiss) we're lucky to get a bite, let alone a moment to catch up.

I guess, in retrospect, those first few months were really playgroup for mommy. Well, it's only fair that they should have their turn too.

But with barely a moment to get a word in maybe it's time for a mommies night out on the town. Let the daddies do the work (ear to the monitor) and the girls can get out and have an actual conversation (without lingering scents from a dirty diaper and spit up clad sweaters).

All those in favour of mom's night out 2010, say 'yea'.

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