Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Status Quo No Go

Last week we visited Hannah's new school/daycare that she will be attending as of September 2010. It is a wonderful school with 3 teachers per class, homemade (kosher) meals and a slew of specialists on staff including a social worker, physical therapist and occupational therapist.

The visit really put my mind at ease about sending her off at 18 months to socialize, learn and give mommy some spare time.

In that spare time, being a stay at home mom would be a dream. Whipping up gourmet dinners, keeping a tidy house, greeting Hannah with a welcome home smile.

But why stick to the status quo?

Family vacations, a private education, summer camp, skiing...I want Hannah to enjoy all of the luxuries my parents were able to provide to me as a kid.

So Jobboom, Monster and hopefully some great connections will be on my mind (and search engine) this summer...on the hunt for a new job. Hopefully, one that offers flex hours and other perks to accommodate working moms.

In the 6 months post mat leave and pre-daycare, I have decided to take a stab at my freelance career. Marketing, public relations, copywriting and event planning. So while I still have 3 months to relish in the delight of my daughter and mat leave, please do pass my coordinates along to anyone you may think requires some creative services.

And maybe with enough hard work, referrals and luck, I just may be approving my very own flex hours.

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