Saturday, November 28, 2009

Why The Wait?

I have previously mentioned my tower of night table books on the subject of sleep. I have a go-to book for every particular situation but I now realize that I probably could have gotten by with just two of them.

Ferber is tough love but a must-have, especially for a sleep hater like Hannah.

And the second is a recent acquisition: Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child.

To this day I keep asking myself why I waited so long to purchase this book that has been recommended by quite a few moms. I don't think this book is enough on its on as it refers to theories of Ferber and Pantley (No Cry Sleep Solution) but it is the most comprehensive, logical book about sleep.

And I am proud to say that it is the reason why Hannah is now napping 1.5-3 hours a day in her crib. Granted it took some working on (and lots of crying) with her dad off of work for a week. But the main lesson learned was that an earlier bedtime will encourage naps as it diminishes over-tiredness. It seems logical in retrospect but never even crossed my mind.

The book talks about children being the newest accessories who are dragged from here to there. But if you really want to raise a happy, healthy child then you need to respect their right to sleep. Not in the car seat. Not in the stroller. But in their crib.

A must read in my opinion.

It's been a great week. So much time to be productive and even take a half an hour by myself to do absolutely nothing. Sure its been hard to let go, but after almost 9 months of go-go-go its a nice change.

And now that Hannah is in bed by 6pm, unfortunately when he goes back to work, her dad will only be able to play with her for a few minutes upon getting home from the office.

But after a week together 24/7, I think he now appreciates my exhausting days and will give up some of that precious time so I can have some precious time of my own.

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