Tuesday, November 3, 2009

3rd (and 4th) Times are a Charm

Hannah broke out all of the stops this halloween. Decked out in her orange pumpkin onesie she topped it off with two new fangs. Yes, her eye teeth made their debut.

Our pediatrician suggested that we start brushing all four pearly whites right away (without toothpaste) so that she gets used to the sensation. And while we trade in the Colgate and Crest for water, he suggested that she get her fluoride in another form: a daily dose of Fluor-a-day.

Proven to reduce cavities by 70%, our future pediatric dentist better stock up on plastic rings and lollipops for Hannah's dental debut. But the way these teeth are coming in, her future orthodontist can probably book that retirement world cruise sooner than later!

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  1. Hey!!!
    Congrats on the fangs! But don't save for the orthodentist just yet...B's fangs straightened out as they grew. They were sticking out when they first poked through, and now they are normal. I'm glad B's not the only vampire in playgroup now!
    B's Mom