Monday, November 16, 2009

Gifts to Grow

When Hannah was born I briefly toyed with the idea of using re-usable diapers. But because of what seemed like a huge start up cost and a rather stinky solution to global warming, I opted for disposable diapers.

In retrospect, we probably would have saved a lot of money with clothe diapers but at least Pampers has come up with a way to make the $38/box every few weeks a bit more palatable.

I just placed our first order for a Pampers Gifts to Grow free set of Sesame Street board books. At 100 points (shipping included) these books will make a nice edition to our library, even if they took about six months worth of diapers to redeem.

There are tons of other great rewards if you are able to wait it out while you collect 300+ points. Gifts change every so often but I have spotted some Melissa & Doug toys and other book sets.

So might as well take advantage of the few free things left in this world. With the holidays right around the corner, these rewards certainly are great last minute (free) gifts.

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