Monday, November 9, 2009

Aunt Flo

When I was about 10 years old we went on a family vacation to Vail Colorado with my cousins from New York. One day out on the slopes, I thought I was following the fluorescent yellow one piece snowsuit of my uncle, when in fact it was another man in what can now be considered a fashion faux pas. Lost in the powder, I managed to find my way back to our ski-in hotel.

Once my mom finally found me, she escorted me back to meet the rest of the gang. As we slid on to the chairlift, there on the whiteboard, was a message from my parents in search of my return. But instead of writing "Lauren meet here" it read "Florence meet here".

Every since that day, I have been taken on the nickname Flo.

Well, while I wish I was currently pounding the powder out west, I am unfortunately focused on the pounding occurring in my lower abdomen. After 17 months (of pure heaven) without a monthly visitor, I think she is about to make her grand entrance.

Hannah is still breastfeeding at 8 months old but the cramps I am clenching back in my tummy, may be a pretty good indication that I have a visitor on the way. And this aunt is pounding at my door for what will seemingly be an anti-climactic return.

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