Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hip Hip Chai-ray!

Lucky number 18. It worked its magic tonight.

An unexpected evening telephone call left us jumping for joy as we found out that Hannah has been accepted to Hebrew Day School. This $7/daycare comes highly recommended and has a wonderful Jewish curriculum.

Hannah will be in the 18 month class starting in September 2010.

We put our names on the waiting list back in May and knew that our chances were slim being 18th in line. With a total of 26 spots in two classes, 10 spots were immediately scooped up by children with siblings already in the school. So do the math and that leaves 16 spots.

But oddly enough two families never got back to the school after a week of phone calls, so we were able to snatch up that last coveted spot. Woohoo!

Now to figure out the plan from March (end of my mat leave) to August.

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