Tuesday, November 3, 2009

H to the Hizzo

Phones ringing off of the hook, 5 hour line ups, hysteria in the headlines...all for your very own chance to experience flu-like symptoms and what is hoped to be the immunization that saves us all from the swine flu.

Yes, H1N1 is on everyone's mind. And up until now I was against it. I don't have tons of facts to back up my opinion just knowing that in 30 years of never getting the flu vaccine I never got the flu.

But with the constant media attention and heated conversations, it was time to get informed. And the best, most respected place to get this information (in my opinion) was at our pediatrician's office this morning. We had our first visit with the new doctor and the three of us absolutely loved him. So when we found out that he had already gotten the shot and was recommending it for all of his patients (no matter their age) and their parents, I realized that we should join the pack and get our vaccines.

So now the big question is when?! Of course, we all want to avoid the lineups (especially with an 8 month old).

Have you gotten the vaccine yet? Planning on it? Any tips for getting through the system easily and efficiently?


  1. Absolutely pro-vaccine! The H1N1 illness itself is much more dangerous to our little ones than is the vaccine.
    I got mine on Sunday and have to say that my arm killed for 48 hours. The worst was the nighttime; its very hard to sleep on the side where the shot was given. It was much worse than I expected...
    I suggest tylenol!
    Kate will get hers on the 9th I think....And tylenol will be in order for sure.
    Good luck

  2. I will be vaccinating Emma (at least I am 99% convinced) however, it bothers me that the guidelines regarding the adjuvant changed in the last week for their age group as well as the pregnant women group.
    I have very hrs left to decide, as it begins tomorrow.
    I am nervous, because I never took that vaccine in my life.
    I do feel in part that there is "scary" media coverage on this issue focusing on the number of deaths, even though it is not higher, or so I hear, compared with the regular flu.
    So, still VERY nervous, but I will probably go forward with it, just because, if she does get the flu and has side effects, I would forever feel guilty for not giving her the best care that she was entitled to.
    At the same time, if there are permanenet side effects from the vaccine, I will also have terrible remorse and tell myself that I should have trusted my instincts...

  3. http://www.parentcentral.ca/parent/article/697079

    This is an interesting article about the mercury contained in these vaccines.

  4. Where are you going for your vaccines? Anyone know anything more about the numbers system that was announced in today's Gazette?

  5. You should check this website, which tells you where to go and the operating hrs.
    It depends on your neighbourhood.