Monday, May 17, 2010

A Night Off

When was the first time you spent a night away from your baby?

Hannah is 14 months old and we haven't left her yet. Yes, I think she is totally old enough and comfortable enough to spend a night with her grandparents but I suppose the opportunity has not yet come about.

Until this weekend. Seeing as it is a three day weekend and we have a wedding on Sunday night, we were thinking of letting her have a sleepover with her grandparents. I feel completely comfortable with the pending decision but worry more that grandma and papa will be exhausted after close to 18 hours together (we would go to the country and leave Hannah there with them until Monday afternoon).

Then again, it would be good training if we ever decided to take a vacation without her.

Speaking of which, when would you go on a full fledged vacation (ie. 3 nights plus) without your kids? Facebook recently opened my eyes to how many parents take off after only 6 months for some alone time. Seems too early to me, but maybe that's just because Hannah was still sleeping in our bed at that point.

Yes, you need to have a life of your own but I fear that after a few days away, all I will be doing is worrying and longing for a sweet little embrace.

I guess its different for everyone, but for me letting go just for one night seems to be a big deal.

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