Monday, May 31, 2010

Not so Sun Smart

I make a point of slathering sunscreen on Hannah everyday. With the super warm weather we have already had this spring, those harmful UV rays are looking to pose a real threat this summer.

And while I thought I did a fairly thorough investigation of baby sunscreens in the pharmacy aisle, checking for high coverage and sensitivity for eczema-prone skin, it seems that I didn't do a good enough job.

That's because I didn't know about this website.

It appears as though our Neutrogena Baby sunscreen scored a lousy 7/10 while the Aveeno Baby that we used during our entire Cuban vacation in February made the sunscreen Hall of Shame.

So now that we know our sunscreens are no good, what's a mom to do?

Check out the best beach & sport sunscreens. Topping the baby list: California Baby. Unfortunately, this brand is not available in Canada so a trip to Plattsburgh or Burlington may be in order.

Until we have an opportunity for a summer road trip, we'll slather on what we have in the meantime. And give sun hats their rightfully deserved spotlight as the must-have summer accessory.


  1. Try a healthfood store, I use a brand called Badger that a naturopath gave me, it is available at Whole Foods so maybe a natural foods store in Mtl carries it?

  2. We have actually been using Badger ever since we saw the study. It doesn't seem to be available in Montreal but I found it in Vermont.