Friday, June 4, 2010

Wrapping Up the Week

It's Friday night and before Saturday and Sunday fly by, I thought I would blog now instead of having it on my weekend to-do list. Yes, it seems as though blogging happens when there is a spare moment rather than an exceptional idea. Hopefully with a new list of must-read blogs my inspiration will once again get me in gear.

So what kind of a week was it?

Well, we welcomed my nephew with a ceremonial bris this Tuesday. Although I wasn't close enough to see the deed, the video footage that my husband hooked up to the big screen last night made me cringe and secretly hope for another girl (seeing as I already have a name picked out it would just be easier anyways, right?) And for my mother-in-law who is certainly reading this, no I am not pregnant :)

So back to the bris. Looking back at the video I saw more than I wanted to see but I also realized that the second child is a whole different story. Throughout the video, you hear my daughter and niece babbling away trying to steal the spotlight. And most of the still photographs are of them playing with the blue and white balloons, not the newborn baby boy. It made me realize that once you have a 15 month year old to run after a newborn really is a big blob (no offense Benjamin). I've actually only held him twice in a week and a half, as my energies have been focused on helping his mom and dad with his big sister - keeping her occupied and feeling like she is still number one, even if number two has made his debut.

Aside from the festivities, it was a regular work week (with lots of leftovers) with a few not-so-typical moments mixed in. I went to the autumn/winter 2010 Pretty Ballerinas collection launch. Some very exciting styles to arrive in August but unfortunately, the accompanying hefty price tags are not currently in my budget. I thought I'd score a little loot (aside from a mini cupcake and sleek bottle of Eska water) but the 25% discount didn't really do it for me seeing as most of the price tags are in the $250-$300 range.

And I just got back from seeing my first movie in way too long. Ashton Kutcher, Katherine Heigl, Tom'd think the Killers would be great. It would have been if I had left 20 minutes before the ending. That's when it all fell apart. But even if it left a bad taste in my mouth it left me yearning for a European adventure. With breathtaking views of Nice, daydreaming about frolicking in France is a nice way to start the weekend (that and a visual of Mr. Moore's chiseled abs...)

Happy weekend!

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