Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day, Carnivals & Music

What a whirlwind of a week it has been.

It all started with Father's Day when Hannah brought her daddy french toast in bed. Granted, she ended up eating half of his meal and getting maple syrup on the sheets. She gave him a pretty great gift to let them bond father/daughter, on a bike at that. Yes, her mom (who likes to think she has a knack for buying gifts) got her a pink snoopy helmet to wear when she rides in her new
Topeak child bike seat. Brunch with grandpa and dinner with papa rounded out the day.

On to Monday night, when we checked out Hampstead Day. An evening carnival with live music, blow up toys and Hannah's favourite, live animals. She was in awe of the goat, and the bunnies. Not to mention the policemen on horses. She must have literally ran around (the very large park) 3 times.

Tuesday we were super excited to go to our first Music in the Park, by the Mummies List. Unfortunately it was a bit of a disappointment. Again at Hampstead park, I should have known that it was a big place to run around. So instead of listening to the Rhythm Exchange, Hannah was running around the grounds, more interested in playing basketball with the big boys. We will try out different days next week, as I don't think drums are really her thing. It might take more of a Loony Lorny type to keep her captivated.

And though we're only mid way through the week we're ready to start our long weekend, thanks to St Jean Baptiste. Not sure exactly what's in store (for my 31st birthday celebration) but we will likely do lots of swimming, see our friends and their twins and enjoy some of Vermont's Finest at the Ben & Jerry's factory.

Sounds like a great long weekend to me!

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