Monday, June 28, 2010

It's Raining Shoes

I did it. Again.

I added a few too many items to my shopping cart and then hit buy now.

Yes, I am officially an internet shopaholic.

This time my guilty pleasure was found at Mamabargains.

Rileyroos shoes to be specific. Four pairs to be even more specific.

After printing out the handy sizing chart, in a mad rush, to not miss out on the $13/pair sale, I measured Hannah's feet to find out she would fit in the 6-12 month size.

But today, when the package arrived and I pulled out her black and pink mary janes and cream loafers, her toes were touching the ends. WTF! She had room to grow according to the sizing chart. The one 12-18 month size pair (red and silver sneakers) were massive on her.

Why such a huge discrepancy in size? Beats me unless I mistakenly ordered a pair of boys shoes.

So now what's a mom to do, aside from try to slowly wean herself off of flash sale sites? On to craigslist, where the 3 too-small pairs are listed for $20 each (to cover shipping). Still a pretty good deal, considering they are usually $32 USD.

Maybe you'd like a pair? I'd appreciate the credit to my shopaholic fund!

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