Monday, June 28, 2010

Hello Sleep Problems my Old Friend

For my birthday, my husband gave me, among other things, a collection of all of my blog posts from the past year. After reading the first few entries, I realized that I have strayed a bit in my blogging. I said that I would be writing about my first hand experiences in mommyhood. And while I do share stories and tips, my more recent posts have been a bit rushed, non-mommy exclusive updates.

I guess that was because things were going relatively smoothly. We had the nights' to ourselves, teething was behind us, we hit all of the major milestones...or at least that's what I thought...
After a 4-day weekend in the country, Hannah refused to nap in her pack and play. In the past, we had gotten used to going for walks or drives at nap time but after a 4-day stretch, seems like we may have messed up her schedule. I attempted a 10:45am nap this morning, after a visit to the grocery store and a 15 minute first attempt delay during which she didn't seem too tired.

She went along with the regular routine but the minute I put her down into her crib, it was mass hysteria...for 40 minutes. Usually, I would just wait until her next nap to try again. But her grandparents were coming to babysit for a 4 hour stretch while I worked (we are between babysitters) and the last thing that I wanted was for her to be crabby.

So we went for a 30 minute walk. No luck. Into the car. 3 minutes till she dozed off.

She got a 35 minute nap and then was happy until I got home at 5pm. Good for the grandparents. Bad for me.

Clingy. Biting. Whining. Yes, she was overtired.

A quick dinner and a hysterical crying session while she got ready for bed, followed by a ton of tears in her crib for the first 5 minutes.

Yes, the vicious cycle of exhaustion.

I know it well.

Will we get back on track tomorrow? Or maybe it's time to cut it down to one nap at 16 months?

Yes, I think I am back on track again. No, not with sleep. This is definitely one of the trials and tribulation of mommyhood.

Pass the wine if you please...

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