Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Water Wuss

Swimming classes are coming to an end next week.

While Hannah has gotten happier in the pool, I have realized that I am a bit of a water wuss.

It took about a good month before I realized that I should be dunking under water with her. And when I did, I couldn't stop complaining about the strong chlorine. If I went under, prepared with my eyes closed, how would she feel going under with eyes wide open?

This week, she actually swam. Yes, she was pushed out of the teachers' arms and swam to the wall by herself and reached out to grab it. Totally amazing right? But when I repeated the exercise with another mom and Hannah got upset, I stopped. But the other mom encouraged us to continue a few more times until she got the hang of it.

So while I would have given up to spare her the tears, I probably did her more good by giving it a second and third chance.

Lesson learned: don't stop just because she doesn't like it, as hard as it may be. We signed up for swimming so she could learn just that. Nothing comes easy. Its all about practice and repetition...even if she (and I) don't like it.

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