Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Shoe Saga Continues...

31 degrees.

That's how high the thermoter went today on our drive home from a weekend in the country. Needless to say Hannah's brown leather boots were not the ideal footwear for such warm weather. So, she rode home barefoot.

A few weekends ago we had bought her a super cheap pair of jelly sandals from Toys 'r Us to keep her from sliding in the wading pool. Well, after a day in her pink flower sandals she had red marks all over those cute feet.

I guess that's what you get for shoes that cost $1.80, right?

In an effort to protect those tootsies and keep her comfortably cool, I am once again on a hunt for cute sandals that will fit.

Hannah is currently wearing a size 18 shoe (equivalent to a 2 US) and through my online search I have learned that size 4 is really the starting point for walking shoes. Sure I could get cute crib shoes but they wouldn't give her the support that she needs. So while I was hoping to find a deal online from cute brands like See Kai Run and Livie & Luca, I've come up empty handed and am convincing myself that once again its ok to spend $60+ on a specialty pair of shoes that will last a few mere months.

Looks like we'll be visiting some of Westmount's expensive kids' shoe stores tomorrow. Unless a good deal magically pops up online...


  1. We had to covince ourselves of the same thing a while back...We did find at Panda, though & at the time they were the yeary had good Ankle su prior'sso we got them for less, I think $30-$35. I think they were Bonnie Stuart. They had good ankle support & were actually the princess 1st pair of walking shoes. Hope that helps!

  2. Minibel are supposed to be one of the best brands if you can find them! Gwen seems to be doing well in her hightops that give lots of ankle support.