Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Choo Choo

I am currently sitting on a train en route to Toronto for a business meeting. It's my first time on the train in just over 8 years.

Back in our days of courtship, my husband treated me to a weekend in Toronto (theatre and all) via train. I honestly don't remember much about the journey but sitting here for just under 2 hours I'm wondering how I could have forgotten.

This is simply lovely. Yes, I came prepared with an iPhone, iPad, magazine and salad, but does this ever beat the hustle and bustle of an airport, take-off and landing. Maybe it's because I haven't had 5 hours of peace to myself in over a year. Maybe it's because I worked till 11:30 last night. Maybe I'll be bored in another hour.

But right now, I am quite content.

Except for knowing that I am missing dinner, playtime and the bedtime routine. Yes, it's my first night away from Hannah. Crazy to think we've been in the same place every night for the past 18 months. I don't think she'll make too much of a stink tonight but come tomorrow afternoon the "mommy, mommy" might get a bit incessant.

I honestly don't know who was more distraught about my departure. Me, her or my husband. I was feeling guilt. She was likely feeling sadness and he was feeling scared (sorry dear).

But we'll all make it through. If all goes well at my meeting tomorrow this won't be the last business trip I'll have to take.

And thanks to the wonders of technology, a face time chat isn't too far off. This would make for the perfect iPhone 4 commercial, wouldn't it?

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