Monday, September 27, 2010

You Give me Fever

Why is fever for an adult anything over 98.6 but for a child its over 100.4?

Nothing like making things confusing, especially when you have a little one who is burning up.

Mid-day Saturday, Hannah started getting a little toasty so out came the thermometer. With a challenging feat ahead of us we managed to get take her temperature which was about 99.6.

A few drops of tempra and a low key afternoon were the remedy (along with many smoothies) and then she was off to bed early. With thoughts of febrile seizures looming in my head, we took the monitor off of its beloved position on one of our nightstands and put it next to the couch while we watched the Hurt Locker.

She woke up at 6am, with another mild fever. No other symptoms though. No tummy problems. No runny nose. But most of all, no intention of missing her BFF's birthday party. So a shot more of tempra pre-party dress and she was off.

Not sure why it took me 24 hours (and a faster thermometer) to realize that she had a tooth coming in (thanks mom). Hannah has a mouth full of teeth but these last few ones seem to be taking a toll on her.

Early mornings, short naps, reduced appetite...poor baby!

I didn't get the warmest reception at daycare this morning after recounting her temperature chart, but she had a great day with no more medicine. Hopefully this little fang will break through soon, and my little girl will be back to her normal rambunctious self!

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