Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Shame on Me

One week.

That's how long its been since my last blog post (I have the Google Analytics to prove it).

And what a week it was.

My last post was about Hannah's first day at daycare. Well, we got through the week and enjoyed an extra long (5th anniversary) weekend to recover. By Friday, Hannah was eating, napping and having almost cry-free days. And I had scouted out my new route to work and was making it in record time. All this to say we started getting into a routine, as easy as that can possibly be.

But a three day weekend and major sleep ins can change that oh so quickly. After a weekend of a runny nose (and lots of chicken soup through a straw), I figured it best to let Hannah sleep in this morning so she'd be in tip top form for her first day back. And sleep in she did. Until 8:30.

I dropped her off at 9:15, and as expected, upon pickup was told that she didn't nap. In fact, she woke all of the other kids up by talking to herself. So much for sleep-ins being a good idea.

So, it felt like day one again with a cranky little girl come super time and an insatiable appetite. Today was our one and only day of daycare this week with the Jewish holidays looming. So it will be back to square one again next Monday. With all of the pending holidays, its a bit of a roller coaster for these kids. They won't have a structured week until October.

But we will persevere, and make it through.

So to all my readers, I apologize for the lapse in posts. I will try my hardest not to do it again. And just to show you how badly I feel, my next post will have a super (expensive) giveaway!

And to all my Jewish readers, Happy New Year!

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