Friday, September 17, 2010

Fast Times

Tomorrow is Yom Kippur. The day to repent for your sins.
To do so you must not eat, shower or make yourself up - its all about realizing what you've done in the past year and how it might have affected others.

I haven't fasted in two years. Last year I was pregnant and the year before I was breastfeeding. Fasting is never easy but with a two year hiatus it is looking a bit daunting.

Especially because I am not quite sure how I will spend the day chasing after Hannah with nothing in my stomach. By 4pm on fast days you are typically worn out so I can only imagine what it feels like after you have emulated a 5K run running after an 18 month old.

Moms how do you handle fasting? Any tips for a novice?

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