Sunday, September 26, 2010

Groceries to Go

Now that I have started working full time, menial house chores are snuck into the most random of places.

Laundry at 9am on a Sunday morning. Cleaning the bathroom sink as I brush my teeth. Groceries at 8:30pm.

Well, now I just discovered a way to cross one of the chores off of my list, by just lifting a finger (or two)

A few days ago, driving home from Hannah's daycare, I spotted a colourful van that was delivering groceries. I jotted down the name in my iPhone notes and only got around to researching Epicerie Direct a few days later. But so glad that I did.

This local company delivers groceries right to your door. And most importantly, they service my neighbourhood which a lot of the supermarket chains do not. The website is very easy to use with a variety of products from homemade bread to organic produce to baby food.

My first order was mostly the basics. Figured I'd keep it small for a test. The prices on this site are extremely competitive and delivery is free with an order over $50. I scheduled my delivery between 6pm-7pm and was greeted by a friendly knock on the door at 6:55pm.

My order was all there and in good condition. Except for the strawberries which were pretty banged up. I even got a bonus bag of grapes (whoops on their part at $6/bag) but was pleased with the easiness and, most of all, the convenience of this service.

You might be much did they pay her to write this. The answer is 0. Like I said, I scouted Epicerie Direct out on my own and just wanted to pass along this great time saving find.

If they service your area, hopefully it will take one thing off your to-do list giving you a bit more mommy downtime...

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