Thursday, March 11, 2010

Confessions of an (Online) Shopaholic

I admit it. I love to shop.

And with the luxury of just logging on to some of my favourite sites it couldn't be easier. I plead guilty to being a shopaholic these past two days.

Granted I wasn't shopping for sandals or handbags or jeans. In fact, call me a bad mother but I was buying Hannah's birthday gifts a few days late. We knew what we wanted but I knew we could get a great deal if we waited it out.

So, yesterday I picked up two Juicy Couture charms on Beyond the Rack. A rhinestone pear (Hannah's favourite fruit) and a banana split (which she sampled in Cuba). The idea - from Emma's mom - is to buy her a charm bracelet and add on a charm every year. Well at over 60% off, I stocked up.

You would think I would stop while I was ahead but then today on Gilt the Fatboy Bean bags I have been drooling over were also 60% off. While the brown junior bag sold out quickly I was able to snatch the Marimekko floral bag.

Now that Hannah has double the gifts, at more than half off, hopefully my buying streak will wear off.

It's just so tempting to log into my email at 11am and wait to see what goodies will be offered from Babysteals, Kidsteals, The Mini Social, RueLaLa and more. Today I added a new one to my list, BTrendie, thanks to Asher's mom.

Oy vey! A shopaholic could certainly get out of hand on these sites!


  1. Your links don't work, goes to a blank screen. Thanks

  2. Sorry about that. Problem fixed.