Friday, March 5, 2010

Mommy Spelling

A few days ago I wrote about celebrity moms. Well, now it's time to reveal my favourite. You might be a bit surprised but my pick is Tori Spelling. Yes, that's right Donna Martin from 90210.

This mom of two has documented her life on tv with shows like Tori & Dean Inn Love and the latest Home Sweet Hollywood series. Always guaranteeing a good chuckle, these shows are so true to life.

But what I love most about Tori Spelling are her books. These beach reads include sTori Telling and Mommywood.

On our recent vacation, I plowed through Mommywood, with stares from my husband every time I laughed out loud. Yes, the stories are hysterical but there is also quite a bit to be learned from Tori's experiences.

Lesson 1: Keep a 1st birthday party low key
Live performers, life-size monkey cakes and tons of strangers probably won't make a 1 year old happy, so keep it simple.

Lesson 2: Watch out for swimming diapers
In Mommywood, Tori recounts the first time she took her son Liam swimming. He pooped in his swimming diaper and she wasn't aware that these diapers literally spread the poop everywhere. She recounts how she was told to take the diaper off over a garbage can but couldn't figure out how to do that with just two hands.

Well, lesson 2 came in handy about a day after I put down the book when Hannah pooped in the pool. Luckily between the two of us we had four hands to spare as we dangled Hannah above the garbage can, peeling off her poop-ladden swim diaper.

And the lessons go on and on.

Even Tori's Twitter account is informative. Yesterday she posted that her two little ones had a terrible night's sleep which could probably be blamed on the full moon. Ah, so that's why I was up at 2, 3 and 4am!

Yes, I would wait until these books come out in paperback but I would be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to Tori Spelling's next book release...unchartered terriTori!

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