Wednesday, March 17, 2010

These Shoes were Made for Walking

Bye bye Robeez, Hello walking shoes!

Hannah is now taking up to four steps on her own. Barefoot is best at home, but when we're out and about a good pair of shoes will keep her warm and safe.

So today we went on a big shoe shopping trip. With a mission to not spend $80+ on a pair of shoes that she will outgrow in 2-3 months we headed to Toto n Dot on Sherbrooke Street in Westmount.

I picked that store for a few reasons:
1. I wrote an article about them upon their opening and found that they had a great selection and a super friendly owner.
2. I thought I could take advantage of my MummiesList card discount which I rarely get to use.
3. It is close to home

So after finding out that Hannah has very small feet (17/18 European, 2-2.5 American) we were pretty limited in our shoe choices. That, coupled with my desire to not get her a pink pair of shoes (since she has lots of red clothing) left us with very few options. The pair that would match the most featured a pink butterfly - totally not my style. I knew that upon showing them off to her dad, Hannah's first pair of shoes but not get the applause they rightfully deserved.

So with the help of the Leah, the friendly owner, we found a basic pair of brown boots, on sale. Not whistles or bells here. Just a comfortable, supportive pair of first walking shoes. And being the fashionista that I like to consider myself to be, I had the great idea to change the laces to a fun metallic gold or any colour to match the outfit of the day. No, I did not factor in the time of lacing up a pair of shoes to colour coordinate them to an outfit. And no, I didn't realize that finding 27" laces in colours other than black and white isn't the easiest task.

But, I will give Leah a call tomorrow and hope that she can hook us up with some funky laces. On another note, we unfortunately weren't able to take advantage of the discount seeing as the shoes were already on sale.

Happy with our purchase, on the way out of the store, my mother pointed out that our new brown boots weren't really appropriate for party wear. Looks like shoe shopping trip #2 will be scheduled soon.

Hmm...perhaps my little one will be following in her mom's footsteps with a slight shoe fetish.

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