Monday, July 27, 2009

August Ninth

August 9th is just two weeks away, but it is on my mind everyday. Friends of ours are getting married and I am working hard to have an enjoyable evening sans Bebe and with minimal phone calls from the grandparents.

You see, in the past, we would need to rush home from social functions to be greeted by a red-eyed, bawling Hannah. I would peel off my top in record speed and quickly soothe her with the boob.

Well, I am proud to say that she now will fall asleep without me and my mammary glands. Just the sound of a heartbeat and some back rubbing will do the trick (usually on the 2nd or 3rd attempt). I'm not yet ready for ferberizing and quite pleased with my accomplishment for the moment.

So my in-laws won't have a problem putting her to bed but now I need to work on my second mission. She's a night owl, only going to bed around 10pm. But since the wedding starts at 6:30, a nap is inevitable.

How can the boob-less grandparents get this little one to have some early evening shut eye?

A drive in the car or a walk in the park are options but I'd rather not rely on crooked sidewalks and city potholes.

Any other suggestions to make nap time a bit more relaxing?

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