Sunday, July 12, 2009

Extra Baggage

Tomorrow we are leaving for our first vacation as a family. We went to our country house two weeks ago but this will be our first time stepping into a plane with baby.

What to pack?

We're headed to Calgary and Banff so the weather is a bit of a guessing game...from a bathing suit to a sweater, I think I've packed it all. Her suitcase is brimming with colour and since there won't be a washing machine in sight I have definitely over packed. Better to be safe than sorry.

Am I nervous about the plane ride? Of course! We figure it will either go incredibly well or terribly miserable. We can only hope for the best. Luckily, I've read a few good books with traveling pointers. Who would have ever thought of packing poop bags to store dirty diapers? Definitely not me. Thanks to Winston, our golden retriever, we have an amble supply of biodegradable poop bags (too bad the diapers aren't). And so what if they've got paw prints on them? Hopefully, they will put a smile on the faces of our flight attendants - and win them over for a smooth flight.

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