Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Big Apple City

We made it. 

A six hour voyage in the car with minimal crying and lots of playing.

One lunch stop at Friendly's. Multiple diaper changes. Two baby food meals on the go.

And Hannah is truly a super star. She impressed her grandparents with her A1 personality and constant dadada-ing along the way.

We checked in at Hotel Beacon to a great suite (aside from the smoke smell) and I managed to get Hannah into her pack and play easily. But I then proceeded to ruin a great day by going into our room to get a fork for dinner. 

And she woke up. And proceeded to cry for 2.5 hours. And then ended up in bed with me. And woke me up every few hours to nurse.

Oh well. Tired eyes this morning but we had a great day scouting out Loehmann's and Filene's Basement (no purchases though) and even caught a What Not to Wear candidate being filmed during her shopping spree. An afternoon with 5 cousins, finished off with a cupcake from Magnolia Bakery.

And after Hannah's bath, back into the pack and play she went. Not happy at first but I caved and stayed with her until she fell asleep (an hour ago). Hopefully it will last through the night.

Looking forward to seeing what tomorrow has in store!

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