Thursday, October 15, 2009

Size Does Matter

It took 7 months. Minimal working out. A few chocolate binges.

But I've made it to just one pound away from my pre-pregnancy weight. I'm sure if I had cracked the cardio whip and really laid off of the sweets I would have reached my goal much sooner. But really, what's a few extra pounds for a few months anyways.

Well, you like me, must be thinking she must be so happy to get back into her wardrobe. I wish.
It seems as though even with the numbers on the scale back at home base, things have shifted. A little here, a little there. Three strikes and my skinny jeans are still out.

Maybe once I start to wean, my body will bounce back, but for now I'm happy knowing that those extra forty pounds are in the past.

So while I've stopped tipping the scale, maybe it's time to start toning the tush (and thighs and tummy....)

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