Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weekend Report

The weekend started off with a bang after I experienced my first true nap on Friday.

By true, I mean not induced by a stroller, a car or by breastfeeding. Just the lull of the sleep sheep, the comfort of a sleep sack and 45 minutes of calming her down.

It was all well worth it. I got 1.5 hours all to myself. Heaven!

Granted I didn't want to clump around for this first encounter, I caught up on some emails and even watched 30 minutes of Oprah. Once we get into more of a napping groove I will go about my daily chores (laundry, cooking...) at an audible tone.

So after a relaxing afternoon, we headed down to Vermont. It was all planned with much calculation. In the car for bed time for the 2 hour drive. But when we arrived, Hannah did not enjoy the company of her pack and play. A few attempts later she ended up in the bed with me, and dad was on the couch next to us (usually reserved for the dog).

Night two was a bit more successful to start. With much effort.

I realized that to calm Hannah upon the initial moment when her body hits the mattress I rest my head on her tummy. Not so easy in a dropped pack and play. With back and leg aches to prove it I got her to sleep for an entire episode and a half of Mad Men (still waiting to understand what people are raving about). And then when she rose again we just all went to sleep early in bed.

Not a peaceful slumber as she decided to wake up every 2 hours and cry until I fed her for no apparent reason.

This morning we were blessed with a 2 hour nap (in our bed).

So naps are good but it seems that bedtime in new environments will take some work. We are off for Thanksgiving weekend to visit Hannah's great grandmother in Ontario, pack in play in tow.

Faced with two options:
1. A really sore back
2. Having great-grandma take out her hearing aids during the shrill cries!

Maybe I should book those massages now...

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