Saturday, October 17, 2009

Get a Life

For the past 7 months Hannah has been my life.

But tonight we went out. No worrying about a crying baby. No
hysterical phone calls rushing us home. No feeling guilty.

And though we were home by 11 as per the babysitter's (aka grandma)
request, out in exciting Dollard, and our stomachs were already full
from a 5pm early bird special, it was great.

Oh, to have some semblance of life as a married couple again.

After 50 minutes of crying, we hit the road for a friend's birthday
dinner. And while there was a celebration complete with chocolate
cake, it was really a celebration for us as a couple, and as parents
of a baby who now sleeps through the night.

Looking forward to many more of these mini celebrations and now trying
to figure out the going rate for a babysitter.

Dinner and a movie just got a whole lot more expensive...

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