Thursday, October 8, 2009

Literary Lover

My bedside table is currently toppling with books. All of the parenting kind.

I admit, since I got pregnant last July I have yet to complete a novel. I had a few in rotation but none of them have ever made it to completion.

Call me obsessed but (as you know) sleep is on my mind. So my current titles include:

Wow. Seeing all the titles lined up makes me thing I've gone overboard. But they really each have their own benefits and focuses. And I have definitely learned something from each of them.

Well, now I have been suggested another one to add to my collection:

And since I have given the people at Amazon and Indigo so much of my spare change already, I tried to find a copy at my local library. Unfortunately they didn't have it. So now I ponder the decision to take the $15 leap and discover another take on sleep.

Or at least another distraction to drowned out the cries permeating from across the hall.

1 comment:

  1. I might be the one who suggested the new title...? But, I think if you do want to check it out - borrow it from someone! I borrowed mine from my doctor, or else I would definitely lend you mine.

    Ask around!

    And btw, my bedside table looks eerily familiar to yours!