Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Here we go again

Two hours. 120 minutes. Countless cries.

Ferber method, take 3.

After a travel weekend gone wrong (sleep wise) we're breaking out the book again and attempting the Ferber Method.

I was spared the first hour by going to yoga but the sobbing is definitely sobering. She's gotten so close to stopping so many times. And now we have collectively decided to stop going in to comfort her because it does just the opposite.

The worst part of it all is that, like last time, we can easily soothe her to sleep if we just keep a loving arm on her until her eyes shut. Last time we caved. This time we will try not to.

With a strong willed child we will give it four days. If the nights continue to be filled with endless tears we will let it be.

We'll take that last (planned) vacation (for the next little while) and then get back on track with the no cry sleep solution upon our return. It worked last time. Slowly but surely. After three weeks we were just about where we wanted to be.

It's a trade off, time vs. tears. Right now, time is sounding a lot better.

But Ferber seems to work for everyone else so we will try (again) to put ourselves in those ranks.

Hopefully once she finally gives in tonight, it will be for the night.

Tough stuff.

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