Sunday, July 11, 2010

Blurry Eyed and Bushy Tailed

One hour.

That is the total amount of time that Hannah napped this weekend.

30 minutes on Saturday. 30 minutes on Sunday.

One nap just isn't working for us.

We kept her up the entire morning, being sure to do stimulating activities around her usual 10:30am nap time. And though we could see the fatigue in her eyes we pushed on to the noon hour when we knew she was completely exhausted. Of course, she fell asleep right away. But the minute the clock struck the 30-minute mark she was up.

My husband patiently let her cry for upwards of 40 minutes hoping she would fall back asleep, but it never happened.

Both Saturday and Sunday, she was a bit of a zombie come 4pm. And we put her to bed both nights at 7pm. Not fun.

An overtired baby is an unhappy baby. So why push her when she is perfectly happy having two naps a day? If she was refusing a nap, I'd say we have a problem but it seems as though she needs and, more importantly, WANTS those two naps a day.

I went back to the book that got us napping in the first place. Happy Child Healthy Sleep Habits and it seems as though at 18 months 77% of children take only one nap a day. So who is to say that we don't fit into that 23% of children who need more frequent naps, especially in the case of our cat napper?

And going totally against what I said on Friday, maybe seeing all of the other kids take longer naps at daycare will inspire her to sleep longer. Now that we know she can make it from 7:30-noon, we can rest assured that she won't be a nightmare for her new teachers.

All that to say, we have 7 weeks until daycare starts. As most of you moms know, expect the unexpected. Who knows what will happen in that time? But what I know for now is that my sleepy little sweetheart needs to catch up on some sleep and she'll stay a double napper, at least for now.

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