Friday, July 9, 2010

Cutting down

In the past week, I have been getting surprised reactions when I tell other moms that Hannah is still taking two naps a day.

Yesterday, she turned 16 months old. So, ya, I guess I am stretching it. But by 10:30am she starts to slow down and she is asleep within minutes. Granted the nap usually only lasts about 30 minutes...

So tomorrow is the big day. One nap Saturday. We will give it a try. That is, try to keep her up until noon and hope that she can break the 30-minute cycle.

In all honesty, I do enjoy the two naps. Albeit short, they give me a chance, twice a day, to catch up on emails and get some quick work done. The temptation to not be on my iphone all morning until my 12 o'clock break seems like a stretch. But I guess it will be an adjustment for the two of us.

But an adjustment that needs to be made seeing as she is going to daycare in less than 2 months. And better for me to break her in than 3 new teachers who she is just getting acquainted with.

Wish me luck. Hopefully I'll have a positive update come Monday morning.

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