Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Devil's Debut

Yesterday we made the 3.5 hour drive (took us 5) to Rockport, Massachusetts. One stop at Circle K for a map and a bathroom break, a hearty American lunch at Boston Market (mashed potatoes anyone?) and we finally arrived at our destination.

After weeks of searching for a reasonably priced hotel suite we were very pleasantly surprised with our room at the Rockport Inn and Suites. Modern, clean and spacious. The only problem we foresaw was the bathroom being next to Hannah's pack n play for a late night trip. Quite minor really.

Hannah and her dad took a dip in the indoor pool which ended prematurely with an unexpected delivery in her swimming diaper (note to mom: always pack an extra). We then changed and took the short yet scenic walk to downtown Rockport. Happy in her stroller to take in the sights, sounds and sea, Hannah was content.

And then the devil made her debut.

Blame it on a dinner that took too long or a day spent in the car or two new teeth coming in, but my husband and I both looked at each other questioning whether this was in fact our child.

The biting was back, hair pulling, throwing things on the restaurant floor...we were embarrassed for the first time ever by our daughter's behaviour. And like all good parents what did we do to allow us to enjoy our fresh from-the-sea dinner? That's right....we gave her French fries. Yes, she has had them before, in moderation. But we let her chow down on a basket full for a few minutes of peace.

Both perplexed, once she was quietly in bed, we plopped into our own bed after an exhausting day.

She is a sweet kid. A well mannered kid. But a kid who took two naps in the car, ate meals in foreign places and had a bit too much of her car seat. So, yes, early this morning I have forgotten about the dreaded dinner and look forward to a day at the beach with my sweet little angel.

Ok, so now I'm pushing it...anything but the devil will do just fine!

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