Sunday, July 4, 2010

Counting down to Vacation!

Kayak, Priceline, Expedia, Orbitz...after searching every travel search engine imaginable I think I may have found the perfect vacation spot.

Perfect except for the fact that it might mean not being able to vacation with friends, as we are available Monday-Sunday and they can only hit the road on Thursday, with the flocks of other summer tourists.

That aside, all searches pointed in the direction of Rockport Inn & Suites. This year-old hotel is located in Cape Ann, Massachusetts, a town I know well as it was the site of my summer holidays as a kid.

This hotel has all of my must-haves crossed off of the list:
Suite - a 2 bedroom suite featuring a master upstairs with cathedral ceilings
In-room fridge/microwave
Clean, simple bedspreads
Pet friendly
Pool (albeit indoors)
Proximity to the beach

And some added bonuses including:
Right outside the front door is a trolley to downtown Rockport
Situated in a super cute town, with yummy lobster
Just a short drive to Boston, which if it happens to rain (but hopefully it won't) features an amazing Children's Museum

The hotel was a tad bit pricier than we wanted to spend (coming in at $200US/night) but it includes breakfast each morning and free wireless internet.

And best of all, after weeks of searching, I can put the search engines to rest and look forward to a vacation, and a hotel that seems to have everything we've been looking for.

Now, where is the closest Target?

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