Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mail Call

Bills, the occasional thank-you note, a parcel with PR mailbox doesn't get that much action.

But this week a package from a new address made it's way inside. The sender? Hannah's daycare.

Yes, it's official. The big day is now less than a month away and we now have all of the information we need to send Hannah off into the world of little people.

With a huge lump in my throat, I opened the package to find a schedule for the year, payment information ($7 a day, yay!) and a school handbook. What to bring on the first day (diapers, an art smock, a change of clothes...), rules and regulations (from pickup to birthday party invitations), I am officially the mother of a daycare child.

But it really doesn't feel like daycare. This CPE is highly recommended and is labelled a school rather than a daycare. With kids up to the age of 4, a trilingual curriculum is taught with a gym and huge park. It makes sending her off in a few weeks seem easier.

And another mom pointed out an interesting observation. Hannah has been exposed to "strangers" since January when I started working part time. So while she may be in a new environment she has experience being left without me. So the one who really needs to adapt is me. But I'd definitely rather to be the one to undergo the emotional change rather than her. It'll be hard but worth it. Education, socialization and a full income source to help contribute to her future years of schooling.

So in our few weeks left together (almost) 24/7, I will soak in the moments and hopefully look back on the 18 months of Hannah heaven knowing that I was so lucky to extend my time with her.

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