Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Not-so Terrible Twos

Sorry for that last empty post...learning how to blog from the iPad :)

Rainy weather has been keeping us out of the pool so we headed to the Essex Outlets today to take a first stab at Hannah's fall wardrobe.

First to Carter's, where we were slightly disappointed. Yes, we filled up a bag but it's contents mostly included basics: leggings, long sleeve tees, a pair of tights and a pair of PJs. Oh, and a great Melissa and Doug toy for a gift. We got 20% off our purchase which mostly included sale items..but I usual go a little overboard and today that wasn't the case.

Maybe we have outgrown the bold prints and graphic tees? I think so.

So over to Oshkosh where we were pleasantly surprised by a selection of more "mature" fashions. Leggings with lace trim, ruffle skirts and striped tunics. Only problem. Most of the styles start at 2T. We walked away with a pair of khakis (with gathered bottoms) and a super cute purple knit hat, but if Hannah were just a little bigger I would have had a field day.

So whats an almost 17 month old to do? No, a wardrobe wasn't built in a day...maybe this fall we'll be discovering some new destinations to add to our shopping list.

The hunt continues...next on the list Target.

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  1. Try some of the 2T stuff, Gwen is completely avg size 50% percentile and she is wearing some 2T Joe Fresh stuff as I write!