Monday, July 19, 2010

Human Sponge

More, moo, thank you...these are just a few of Hannah's newest words. It seems like her vocabulary is growing daily, as she picks up words everywhere. But not only that, she is starting to make associations between words, their meanings and their photos.

Two examples: after attending a music class at Ben & Jerry's she took home a cup of strawberry ice cream. As she was eating it for dessert, she kept saying what I thought was more, when in fact, she was saying moo for the cows on the cup. What a smarty pants!

Then we were playing on a chair near the window and she kept saying woof. I couldn't figure out why until I saw the SPCA sticker with a photo of a dog and cat. I must have a genius daughter!

I must admit that she has been getting some help from the very device that I write this post on...the iPad. We have added a bunch of Hannah friendly apps (for long car rides). Mostly flash cards, these $0.99 little miracles are keeping her entertained while teaching her at the same time.

And since she is such a sponge, the time has finally come for mommy and daddy to clean out our mouths and cut out the swearing, otherwise, we will have a little dirty sponge on our hands.

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