Monday, July 5, 2010

Catching up on Zzzs

After last week's napping hiatus turned into 30 minute nap + crying combos, Hannah is catching up on her sleep.

In fact, she is still sleeping now at 8:37 am.

This weekend in Vermont, she slept until 9am both mornings. No complaints here. That was the longest I have slept in since her arrival almost 16 months ago.

I figured the late mornings were due to late nights and an action packed weekend of fun in the pool and stream. So is this morning just an extension of the weekend fun? Or do we have a new schedule with noon-time naps to look forward to.

How will we ever be at daycare at 8:30am come September? We're usually finishing up with breakfast around that time. Guess it means earlier to bed, and less time to spend together in the evenings post-work.

Well, we have a few months to worry about that I guess. In the meantime, guess I should be enjoying these late sleep-ins to catch up on my own sleep.

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