Friday, August 21, 2009

Can you feel the love?

Lovey. A term my best friend used to call her 20-something boyfriend.

Now, a term to describe the sweet comforting love thing Hannah will cuddle to fall asleep. Note how I say thing. That's because it has yet to be discovered.

She received a beautiful blanket from a few of my friends as a baby gift (thanks Julie, Maryn & Sammy). We tried it out yesterday but after waking up from a nap with it covering her face I got a bit worried.

(Yes, nap I said! Omitted that from my last post but she took 2 naps in her crib. Even though they were only 30 and 20 minutes long, still an accomplishment).

So I thought about taking an elastic and tying the blanket into a bundle. But then freaked myself out thinking what if the elastic falls off and she strangles herself?

A case of paranoid first time mom or a legit concern?

So my question to you is: What is/was your baby's lovey?


  1. I cherished 2 blankets growing up named "Aw,Aw Baby" (what my mother chanted when rocking me to sleep) and Schmatta (Jewish word for rag). Both were loved to death and still remembered fondly.

  2. Legit concern ;) It happened to me too: sheet over her face while sleeping in our bed, got scared. I don't have anything in baby's crib: no blankets, stuffed animals,..., things that can cause them to stop breathing or worse, the elastic that little Hannah could put in her mouth. Babies are strong and surprise us with their strenghts (more so when we are not looking, I feel that is when they explore their ability even more).

  3. A tip I wanted to share, because it works for our little one. We use a "sleeping bag". They sell great ones at oink oink from the brand Petit Bateau or Perlimpinpin. Its like a sleeping bag with shoulder straps (potatoe sack).
    When we put our baby in it, it means sleep. I find it is the grown up version (yes! I said grown up at 5 months!) of the swaddling.

  4. Thanks anonymous. Did you start using the sleeping bag from day one or was it a more recent addition? I am willing to try anything!

  5. I tried it as of 4 months when she started sleeping in her crib.

  6. Cassie LOVES her of those animal heads with blanket bodies. It's small enough that I'm not afraid she'll suffocate and the funny part is she puts it over her face to snuggle into it to sleep!