Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Home is Where the Mom is

We interrupt our regular sleep broadcast for a breath of fresh air.

You all know I'm tired...but you don't know much else about me, eh?

Well, after 3 years of employment as a marketing manager at Tommy Hilfiger Canada I have been laid off. No malpractice here or prejudice for the new mom. The company went down to a staff of 40 from 200+. On the bright side, my maternity leave can now be extended by about 10 weeks so I will be enjoying some extra time with Hannah next spring.

Fact of the matter is I didn't really want to go back anyways. I always dreaded the thought of leaving my daughter with a bunch of strangers at daycare. But unfortunately our financial circumstances don't allow me to be a full time stay at home mom.

My freelance career at Sweetspot and Sweetmama have all been in the hopes of working from home full time. I love marketing and PR, but I also love to write, so its definitely the perfect fit.

I have recently started doing some copywriting for an advertising agency. And though I didn't really want to begin until my mat leave was up I'm glad I did. Not for the extra money or the late work nights. But for the realization that working from home requires:
a) a child who actually naps allowing me to get some work done
b) enrollment of said child in daycare (at least a few days a week)

So with this revelation, I have re-assessed our daycare waiting list and added a few more to the roster for March 2010.

As much as I'd love to spend every second of the day with her, I'd rather have my evenings free to spend with her and her dad.

I've got 8 months to make it happen. Of course, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this blog will end up as a Julie and Julia (great movie!) story...so if you want to contribute to my stay at home mom fund go ahead and click away on those links! With $31 in my Google AdSense bank I've barely paid for a week of $7/day daycare...

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