Tuesday, August 11, 2009


We started rice cereal this morning.

Not because since quitting Ferber she's been up every 2 hours at night. Although I wish solids helped in that department. But because every time I bring a piece of food or a cup of water to my mouth, it is intercepted by her hand.

After doing my reading I headed to the mall to find the perfect cereal for a girl whose had nothing but breastmilk (and Pediavit) for the past 5 months. But when I started reading the packages that said "just add water" and included oil in the ingredients I knew this was not the route I wanted to take.

So we headed over to our health food store and discovered Healthy Times brown rice organic baby cereal. Fortified with all the vitamins and minerals she needs, I felt much better giving her a product that could be mixed with my milk and whose ingredient list was all natural.

So did she like it?

The expression on her face was worth a thousand words. What is this stuff?!
She definitely didn't hate it. But she did love holding the spoon and feeling it in her mouth.

We'll try again tomorrow morning and I'm sure little by little mommy and Hannah will be sitting side by side eating cereal for breakfast.

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  1. Cute. Would love to see the facial expression!