Friday, August 14, 2009

V Day

Vaccination day.

At 2 months it was a wonderful day (after the initial screaming) when she slept for hours on end. After a 3 hour dinner with friends, we placed her in her pack and play instead of her usual bassinet. She slept until morning.

Oh what a night!

So I was eagerly anticipating today's 4 month vaccines (a few weeks late due to our Calgary trip). With a list of things to do around the house this afternoon, we set off to the CLSC.

Luckily crying was kept to a minimum with the nurse we loved from our at home breastfeeding drop by.

Hannah fell asleep in the car on the ride home but quickly woke when I transferred her to the carrier.

I fed her about 3 times this morning but still no shut eye. So at 1:30 we set off on a walk to the park with Winston, our golden retriever.

Yay! Asleep at last! So we sat in the park until I can stand the heat no more. Hiking back up the hill to our house I'm envisioning all that will get done - cleaning, packing for a weekend in the country... But first I must clean the poop off of Winston's trousers (long dog hairs below the bum). Winston is a boy dog but karma is definitely a 5-letter girl dog today.

But as we roll in the front door her eyes magically pop open and my plans are put on hold. Then a crying cranky fit follows which ends with a dose of tempra, after a 98 degree thermometer couldn't quite make it to the end of it's time thanks to crying convulsions.

Now she is feeding (yes, all this was written with one hand on an iPhone) and will hopefully doze off at least for a little while.

Lesson learned. Expect the unexpected because nothing is a sure thing with baby.

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