Wednesday, August 5, 2009


The title of this post may bring you back to the 80s, when Saved by the Bell was all the rage...and Screech was one of TV's finest nerds.

Unfortunately not what I am referring to.

I wish.

Rather, its the sound currently emitting from my daughter's bedroom. A high pitched squeal that is making its first time debut.

6:30 bath in preparation for an early 8pm bedtime. But the minute her head hit the change table for a massage and sleeper change, the tears began to flow.

I guess we won't be one of those families that mastered the Ferber method in 3 nights.

At least we can be (somewhat) light-hearted about husband seems to think this is great for expanding her lung capacity. Too bad it can't make our hearts expand just a tiny bit so they don't break with each screech.

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