Monday, August 3, 2009

Ferber Night 1

After a relaxing weekend in the country, which consisted of lots of reading, it was go time. I now knew how to solve my child's sleep problems which consisted of associations (boob, back rubbing) and sleeping in too late.

After the usual nighttime routine, I simply set Hannah down in her crib gave her a kiss and walked away. Of course, hysterical crying ensued. But after visits at 3, 5, 10 and 10 minute intervals she calmed herself down and fell soundly asleep. Sure the crying had my husband and I practically in tears ourselves. But the comforting element was that she usually cries that much on any given night. We're just usually there to rub her back.

She stirred again around 2:45 so I went in to feed her. She's only just shy of 5 months so considering it had been almost 7 hours since her last feeding I went to top her off. Again, I pulled her off before she could doze off. But one burp later, I placed her in bed and she was asleep again (with no fuss) within minutes.

So now its early into the morning hours and she is up and we're trying to keep her up. At this time, I usually nurse her in bed and we sleep until 9am. It seems to be harder on me than on her :)

Hopefully tonight will go as smoothly. And I'll be kicking myself for not trying this sooner!

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