Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ferber Night 2

Went out last night for groceries and came home to a screaming Hannah.

What could it be? Constipation? She hadn't pooped all day....for the first time ever. Teething? Do I feel something coming through?

With the Tempra in hand, we soon realized that we was just plain tired. Hmm...maybe this Ferber thing will get her to bed early. So after calming her down a bit, into her crib she went without a peep.

Until 1am that is. It lasted nearly an hour but she eventually put herself to sleep. Night 1 was easy compared to this! But with a sleep in until 7am I learned that nighttime feedings may not be necessary.

Now the confusion sets in when it comes to nap time. If I let here cry it out she will be crying all day long. But if I give her the boob will that confuse her again at nighttime? I think Dr. Ferber should have put his home phone number in the book for confused parents like me :)

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